Best Men’s Nursing Shoes: Top Picks for 2024

In my experience, finding the right pair of nursing shoes is crucial for men in the healthcare field. The long hours on their feet demand footwear that provides comfort, support, and durability. From hospitals to clinics, male nurses need shoes that can keep up with the pace of their demanding roles, help prevent fatigue, and protect their feet during long shifts. With a variety of options on the market, from therapeutic to athletic styles, there’s a perfect fit for every nurse’s unique preferences and needs.

When I explore the best nursing shoes for men, I take into account several factors, including ergonomic design, cushioning, slip resistance, and the shoe’s ability to withstand the rigors of a healthcare environment. Some of the notable choices include Wolf & Shepherd Swiftknit Loafers, known for their stylish design, and the Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS22, which is praised for its support and comfort. Considering the physical demands of nursing, choosing the right shoe is not just a matter of personal comfort, but also a component of professional performance and overall health.

Moreover, with regular encounters with spills and the need for easy sanitization, choosing shoes made from materials that can be cleaned effortlessly helps maintain hygiene standards in medical settings. As I look at different options, I ensure that function does not compromise style — male nurses should have the opportunity to express their personal style while enjoying the benefits of a high-quality nursing shoe.

Importance of Proper Footwear in Nursing

In my experience, having the right shoes is a crucial element for nurses to maintain their health and deliver the best care possible. Here’s how proper footwear makes a significant difference in nursing.

Health Benefits

Ergonomics and foot health: Proper nursing shoes are designed to support natural foot posture and flexion. This is vital to prevent conditions like plantar fasciitis, which is a result of strain on the arch of the foot. Such shoes also help mitigate back pain and joint stress, outcomes of prolonged periods of standing and walking in the profession.

Stress reduction on the body: The right footwear can significantly decrease physical stress. By cushioning and supporting the feet, legs, and back, nurses can experience less fatigue, which is essential for maintaining overall well-being during and after long shifts.

Performance Enhancement

Increased stability and protection: High-quality nursing shoes provide slip resistance and adequate foot protection from potential hazards, ensuring safety in fast-paced, sometimes unpredictable hospital environments.

Improved stamina and efficiency: Comfortable shoes that fit well encourage better endurance and can boost a nurse’s performance. Better footwear equates to less discomfort, which means nurses can move quickly and efficiently, a necessity for a role that often requires rapid response times.

Key Features of Men’s Nursing Shoes

In my experience, selecting the right men’s nursing shoes is pivotal for enduring long shifts without discomfort. Here are the crucial features to consider.


My top priority is comfort when choosing nursing shoes. Shoes such as the Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes provide a smooth and cushioned ride, ideal for long hours on my feet. A padded insole and a roomy toe box can significantly increase comfort levels.


For support, the midsole and arch design are crucial. I look for shoes with good arch support to prevent fatigue. Options like the Saucony Omni Walker 3 are engineered to offer stability and support, which help maintain proper foot alignment during my shifts.


The durability of nursing shoes can’t be overlooked. I need shoes that withstand the daily wear and tear, like the Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe, known for their resilience and longevity, making them a smart long-term investment.

Slip Resistance

In a hospital setting, a slip-resistant outsole is non-negotiable. I always make sure the outsole provides good traction on various surfaces for safety reasons. Nursing shoes like the Dansko Men’s Professional Clog XP 2.0 are known for their superior slip resistance.

Material Considerations for Longevity

When selecting nursing shoes, the longevity of the shoe is a critical factor. I consider the shoe’s material as it directly influences durability and the shoe’s lifespan.

Leather vs Synthetic

Leather: Leather is a premium choice for durability and can withstand the rigorous demands of nursing duties. It resists wear and tear better than most materials and molds to the shape of the foot over time, which can enhance comfort. Leather nursing shoes also tend to be easier to clean and maintain, enhancing their longevity.

Synthetic: Synthetic materials are lightweight and can be highly durable, but they vary greatly in quality. Some synthetic shoes offer excellent longevity and are designed to resist spills and stains, which is beneficial in a medical environment. Synthetic materials can also be more affordable than leather, appealing for those on a budget.


Breathability is essential for comfort and foot health, especially during long shifts. Leather shoes offer natural breathability, which allows air circulation and reduces moisture accumulation. This helps prevent bacterial growth and odor, contributing to the shoe’s longevity.

Synthetic materials, particularly meshes or fabrics with moisture-wicking properties, provide good ventilation. Shoes combining synthetic materials with a breathable design help keep the feet dry and comfortable, which is crucial during extended wear.

Popular Brands and Models

In assessing the best men’s nursing shoes, I’ve focused on a selection of reputable brands known for their quality and comfort, as well as a comparison of specific models that are well-suited for the demanding environment healthcare professionals work in.

Top-Rated Brands

  • Brooks: Renowned for their exceptional running shoes, Brooks has made a significant impact on nursing footwear with their emphasis on comfort and support. The Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes come highly recommended.
  • Dansko: Famous for their clogs, Dansko provides excellent arch support and comfort, especially for those with flat feet. The Dansko Men’s Professional Clog XP 2.0 is a popular choice among male nurses.
  • New Balance: A brand that offers a good balance between comfort and style. Their New Balance Men’s 680v6 Running Shoes are noted for breathability and cushioning.
  • ASICS: With a reputation for high-quality running shoes, ASICS models like the Gel-Nimbus 23 Running Shoes are often chosen by nurses for their gel cushioning and long-term durability.

Model Comparisons

In comparing models, it’s vital to consider factors such as support, durability, and whether they’re designed for a wide range of activities. Here’s a concise comparison:

ModelBrandKey Feature
Ghost 13 Running ShoesBrooksKnown for overall comfort and stability.
Professional Clog XP 2.0DanskoIdeal for flat feet with superior arch support.
680v6 Running ShoesNew BalanceExcellent for breathability and cushioning.
Gel-Nimbus 23ASICSFavored for gel cushioning and versatility.

Selecting the correct model is a matter of personal needs and work requirements. For example, if style is a priority, one might consider the Wolf & Shepherd Swiftknit Loafers for their blend of aesthetics and comfort. Those looking for a shoe that’s well-suited for both work and athletics might lean towards the ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23 for its versatile design.

Fit and Sizing Tips

When selecting nursing shoes, it’s crucial that I find the right fit to ensure comfort and support during long shifts. Here’s how I can measure my foot size and understand shoe widths accurately.

Measuring Your Foot Size

I place a piece of paper on the ground against a wall, stand on it with my heel touching the wall, and mark the furthest point of my toe. After measuring the distance from the wall to the mark, I can use a shoe size chart to find my corresponding size.

Understanding Shoe Widths

Shoe widths are indicated by letters: B for standard width for men, D for wide, and 2E or 4E for extra-wide sizes. It’s essential that I select a width that prevents tightness or excessive movement, as both can cause discomfort.

Price Range and Value for Money

When selecting the best men’s nursing shoes, I consider both affordability and the investment’s long-term value. Different price points cater to varying needs and preferences without compromising on essential features like comfort and support.

Budget-Friendly Options

Under $50: I can find basic nursing shoes that offer fundamental comfort and are made with durable materials. While they may not have advanced features, they provide adequate support for long shifts.

$50 – $100: In this range, I often come across shoes with better cushioning and more ergonomic designs, which are great for those who prioritize comfort but need to adhere to a tighter budget.

Investing in Quality

$100 – $150: Shoes within this bracket typically come from reputable brands known for their specialized footwear. They include features like superior arch support and are made from high-grade materials.

Above $150: For the utmost in comfort, durability, and style, the higher-end shoes are orthotically designed and often recommended by podiatrists. Such investment often means better foot health over the long term.

Where to Buy

When looking for the best men’s nursing shoes, I prioritize comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning. It’s good to remember that both online and physical retailers offer a range of options catered to healthcare professionals.

Online Retailers

I find that Amazon carries a wide selection of nursing shoes for men, featuring various brands known for their quality and comfort. Additionally, healthcare footwear specialists like Orthofeet provide a curated collection with an emphasis on ergonomic design.

For detailed reviews and insights, Irreverent Gent offers a guide to the best nursing shoes for men, helping me make an informed decision by comparing different models. Verywell Health, on the other hand, has tested and reviewed several options, making it easier for me to choose shoes with the best support, which can be found through their review of the 9 Best Shoes for Nurses of 2024.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

For those who prefer to try on shoes before purchasing, I recommend visiting local medical uniform stores. Outlets like Scrubs & Beyond often stock a variety of nursing shoes, allowing me to test the fit and feel of the shoes in person.

Large sporting goods stores sometimes carry models suitable for nursing professionals, such as the reputable Brooks Ghost or New Balance running shoes, which are also favored by nurses for their comfort and support. However, I find it’s essential to ensure that the models available at these stores meet the non-slip and support requirements necessary for a hospital environment.

Care and Maintenance of Nursing Shoes

Proper care for my nursing shoes ensures they last longer and provide the support I need during long shifts. Here are some specific steps I take to maintain my shoes:

Cleaning Tips

  • Daily Wiping: I wipe my shoes with a damp cloth each day to remove dirt and bodily fluids I may have come into contact with.
  • Deodorizing: To keep odors at bay, I sprinkle baking soda inside my shoes and let them sit overnight before tapping it out in the morning.

Long-Term Shoe Care

  • Regular Inspection: I check my shoes regularly for signs of wear and tear, like separated soles or worn-down treads, to determine if they need repairing or replacing.
  • Proper Storage: When not in use, I store my shoes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to avoid material degradation.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my experience, I’ve found that practicality and comfort take precedence when it comes to the best shoes for male nurses. Let’s explore some of the specifics you should know.

What factors should be considered when choosing shoes for male nurses?

When selecting nursing shoes, male nurses should consider durability, support, slip resistance, and comfort. These elements are crucial as they affect the ability to work long shifts without experiencing foot fatigue or slips.

How do waterproof characteristics in nursing shoes benefit male healthcare professionals?

Waterproof nursing shoes keep feet dry, reduce the risk of bacterial growth, and maintain hygiene in wet conditions. This feature is especially beneficial when I am exposed to spills and bodily fluids during my shifts.

What are the top shoe models recommended for male nurses with flat feet?

For male nurses with flat feet, models like the Dansko Men’s Professional Clog XP 2.0 provide excellent arch support. Shoes with a structured insole and midsole can prevent foot strain by distributing weight evenly across the foot.

Why do many nurses prefer white nursing shoes, and what are the best options available?

White nursing shoes are often preferred for their professional appearance and ease of matching with uniforms. The Clove Classic Nursing Shoe is a popular option due to its clean design and supportive construction.

Can Hey Dude shoes be recommended for healthcare professionals for everyday use?

While Hey Dude shoes are known for comfort and lightweight design, they might not provide the required support for healthcare settings. Nurses usually need shoes designed for standing all day, which typically include more robust arch support and slip-resistant soles.

For those in healthcare who stand all day, which shoe brands offer the best support and comfort?

Brands like Brooks, known for their Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes, and New Balance with their specifically designed walking shoes, are frequently recommended for delivering optimal support and comfort to healthcare professionals who are on their feet all day.


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